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The Oregon Accreditation Alliance exists to improve the quality and delivery of law enforcement services to the citizens of its communities, by endorsing and assisting in the processes of national and state accreditation. OAA provides technical assistance to agencies in all phases of accreditation, from file setup and documentation to on-site assessments.

Eligibility for membership is limited to statutorily authorized law enforcement and emergency communications/911 centers within the state of Oregon. The process for becoming a member requires the submission of an application form and the submission of the appropriate fees.

In addition to the application fees, annual membership dues are assigned according to the agency size. An agency's size is determined by the number of full-time equivalent personnel the agency employs, excluding corrections personnel, if the agency has a jail function. There are four size categories. These include:

  1. 1 - 9 employees $550/year
  2. 10 - 24 employees $1,050/year
  3. 25 - 74 employees $1,550/year
  4. 75 or more employees $2,050/year




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